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EIGHT K™ (8K™) is a lifestyle brand owned and operated by The MacMas Group. The brand is built around one of MacMas' competencies - product merchandising and manufacturing .

The brand name was inspired by the 14 independent mountains on Earth that are more than 8,000 meters high above sea level and our products are influenced by its extreme environment . The brand is all about the highest quality performance product for snowboarding, skiing and alpine climbing.

Eight K™ products are engineered with the most technologically advanced materials, most rugged, most breathable, windproof, and waterproof fabrics, extensively proven in the field, for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, trekking, alpine climbing, or just enjoying the great outdoors. The product range covers snowboarding and skiing jackets, snowboarding and skiing gloves and mitts, expedition bags, , snowboards, skis, snow goggles and much more.

The company offers its partners and investors a proven know-how in the reinvention of online consumer product companies and in the management of retail targeted product brands.

EIGHT K™ is the official apparel supplier for the Monaco National Gymnastic Team and for the Monaco Royal Guard ( Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince ) .

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